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Chapter 2 The Cell Section 1 Vocabulary

Jellylike substance that fills up the inside of a cell
A group of tissues that work together
Organelles that convert food into energy that a cell can use
Solid layer surrounding a plant cell that gives it structure and shape
Organelle that is made of a network of tubes that processes and transports proteins
Round structure that is inside the nucleus of a cell
Organelle that stores food, water, and wastes
Organelle that makes proteins for a cell
Organelle in a plant cell that captures light energy
Thin layer around the outside of the cell
Small unit inside a cell with a specific purpose
Large molecule in a cell that carries out the functions of life
Organelle that processes, packs, and transports proteins out of the cell
A group of similar cells that work together
Organelle that breaks down waste materials in an animal cell