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Science in the 1st Day of the Creation Week Lessons 1 - 8

Science in the Beginning

The energy associated with heat.
A burn on the skin caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet light.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.
Devices that store energy in the form of chemical energy but then convert it to electrical energy that can power an electrical device.
Light that can be seen by human eyes.
The energy stored in chemicals, such as food.
The ability to do work.
The ability to do work.
To bounce off an object and change direction
The energy associated with motion and position.
The energy of light.
Light that cannot be seen by human eyes but can cause tissue damage, such as sunburns.
Changed or transformed.
Light that cannot be seen by human eyes but is emitted by objects that are warmer than their surroundings.
Exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.
To take in and not allow to escape