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spelling words 9/1/2016

_____, present, future.
Fleshy pitted fruit.
to hold together or ________.
Right or ______.
Used to gather energy from the wind.
Currency used to pay for goods.
To not tell the whole truth is to ______.
Dont take one more ______!
Means to have an abundance of something of value.
Not an even number but an ______.
An ink ______.
The murder story was a _________ one.
The books go on the ________.
The main part of a story.
What you have after school to avoid hunger.
What rings before class?
I bit into the apple with a loud ______.
To be given a clue.
Used to move or lift dirt.
The floor is_______.
I will ______ a bridge.
What is the answer to an addition problem?
Ducks swim in a ________.
Load your boat at the _________.