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My Secret Garden Halloween Puzzle

Dating back over 2000 years to Halloween's celtic's roots, this symbol represents the thin line between the living and the dead. No bones about it!
The use of spells and magical powers.
1897 gothic horror novel title by Bram Stoker
Spirits from beyond.
The most famous mad scientist of all time.
If you suffer from this you must be getting the creeps from this area!
1973 chilling horror movie that will have your head spinning.
A scary figure placed in farm fields to scare birds and rodents away.
My favorite Halloween store!
Grotesque, mythical creature meant to ward off evil spirits.
Invented as a parlor game in 1890, place your fingers on the planchette and this will talk to the spirits.
A truly American tradition that peers out from porches and doorsteps every Halloween.
Creature brought to life by the full moon.
Notorious pirate, Edward Teach who sailed the American coast and whose ghost is said to still haunt those waters.
With roots in VooDoo these undead are destined to walk the earth looking for a dinner of brains.