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John Chapter 9 (ESV Translation)

When Jesus heard that the Jews had cast the man out, Jesus _______ the man and asked if he believed in the Son of Man. (John 9:35)
Jesus said to the Pharisees, "If you were blind, you would have no guilt, but now that you say, 'we see,' your guilt _________. (John 9:41)
The Jews _______ out the man whose eyes Jesus had opened. (John 9:34)
Jesus said, "As long as I am in the world, I am the ________ of the world." (John 9:5)
The man who had been blind said to the Jews, "One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I ______." (John 9:25)
Jesus explained to the disciples that the man was not blind from birth because the man or his parents sinned but so that the works of God might be _____________ in him. (John 9:1-3)
The Jews did not believe that the man had been born blind so they asked the man's ________. (John 9:18-20)
Jesus said, "For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become ___________." (John 9:39)
Those who had seen him before were not sure if he was the ___________, but the man kept saying, "I am the man." (John 9:8-9)
Jesus told the man that he was the Son of Man, and the man said, "Lord, I _________" and worshiped him. (John 9:35-38)
When the Jews continued to question the man about how his eyes were opened, he said, "I have told you already, and you would not __________." (John 9:26-27)
Jesus spit on the ______ and anointed the blind man's eyes with it and told him to wash in the Pool of Siloam (which means Sent). (John 9:6-7)
The blind man did what Jesus told him to do. He went and washed and came back __________. (John 9:7)
The man told the people how Jesus opened his __________. (John 9:10-12)
The man's parents confirmed that the man had been born blind and now could see, but then told the Jews to talk to their son. His parents _________ the Jews. (John 9:21-22)
The man told the people that the person who healed him is a __________. (John 9:17)
The Jews had agreed that anyone confessing that Jesus is the Christ was to be put out of the ____________. (John 9:22)
Jesus said to his disciples, "We must work the works of him who sent me while it is still _______; night is coming, when no one can work. (John 9:4)
The Pharisees said that whoever healed the blind man could not be from God because the healing happened on the __________. (John 9:13-16)
The man who could now see said to the Jews, "If anyone is a worshipper of God and does his will, God __________ to him."(John 9:31)