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Chemistry Crossword #1

To protect our hands.
Vertical part of a table
Used to hold test tubes
Holds liquid.
Used to transfer liquids
Used to measure temperature
A scientific procedure used to test a hypothesis
A table that organizes all elements
Information collected during an experiment
Negatively charged subatomic particle
Any substance that contains mass and occupies volume
Subatomic particle with no charge
The first group in the periodic table. These elements have 1 valence electron.
A place where people perform experiments
Electron, proton, neutrons are all examples of these.
Used to hold equipment
Spaces where electrons are found in the atom.
Measures volume of liquid.
Holds chemicals during a chemical reaction
Horizontal part of a table
Used to help pour things
Electrons found on the outer shell of an atom. Also corresponds to the group number in the periodic table.
The second group in the periodic table. These elements have 2 valence electrons.
Used to stir things
The columns of the periodic table
A pure substance
Number of electrons. Also the number of protons.
A combination of different elements.
What did you learn from an experiment?
This is the 7th group in the periodic table.
Holds hot containers
The rows of the periodic table
The smallest part of an element