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The Science Test MWAHAHAHA

The part that gets dissolved
Substance that cannot be further simplified.
Located in the nucleus with a neutral charge
Separates substances that have particles of different sizes.
Arranges all the known elements in a chart of rows and columns of increasing atomic number
Located in the nucleus with a positive charge
Very small group of elements that have some properties of the metals and some of the nonmetals
Mixture whose particles settle and separate within a few hours.
Particles in a mixture that are the size of atoms or molecules
The part that does the dissolving
Element that is a poor conductor of heat
Smallest particle that has the properties of an element.
The greatest amount of solute that a given amount of solvent can dissolve
Physical combination of two or more substances
Number of protons in an atom
Particle that contains more than one atom joined together
Located outside the nucleus with a negative charge
Substance that conducts heat and electricity well