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Introduction to Forensic Science

Introduction to Forensic Science Review
United States Postal Inspection Service
Fingerprints that are invisible to the naked eye
In criminal cases, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a ____________convict the suspect
Published Criminal Investigation
Laws made up of judicial opinions and precedents
Developed a method to determine blood type of dried blood
Published Questioned Documents
Laws that deal with relationships between individuals
In what country was the first recorded case of forensic science
Published Finger Prints
Developed a principle about the transfer of trace evidence.
Investigate accidents dealing with transportation, structure collapses, and product liability
A defendant is informed of the charges against him/her during__
Used thumbprints on documents to identify workers in India
Father of Criminal Identification
Laws based on the Constitution
state that the crime was committed in is referred as the
Laws that are developed for preventative or remedial purposes
Trace crimes dealing with electronic records or identity theft
voiceprint is made using a
Use skeletal body remains for identification
Laws relating to particular agencies such as IRS, Social Security
Evaluate offenders to determine if they are competent to stand trial
Branch that is able to match of projectiles to firearms
Identify body fluids at crime scenes or on evidence
Drug Enforcement Administration
Use insects to determine time and location of death
Laws that deal with regulation and enforcement of rights
Use dental marks for identification of corpses
formally accuse a person of a crime is to ___ them
Developed a comparison microscope to compare bullets
Study medical history of victims and determine cause and circumstance of death
Published Sherlock Holmes stories
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Father of Forensic Toxicology
oldest known federal law enforcement agency