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World Geography: Chapter 2, Lesson 2 (+ review)

The process by which running water, wind, or ice break down rock or soil
How people, ideas and products move between places
The languages, religions, customs, art and dress of a people
The sharing of ideas, culture and customs around the world
A thing of value, often found in nature, that we can use to do or make something
Having to do with the government - laws and customs people live by
A line of longitude that is 180 degrees both east and west of the prime meridian
A fixed point that is 0 degrees longitude and runs through Greenwich, England
The physical and human features that make an area special
The exact spot or area of a place
Everything to do with work or money
Something people do out of habit
A group of people living together who have common ideas, beliefs, activities, or interests
Laws and customs people live by
A country that has money to provide services to its people
How people settle, use, live on, and change the land
The average weather conditions over a period of time
A large movement of people from one place to another
A group of people sharing the same habits, language, and ancestors
A raw material from the earth
How far east or west a place is from the prime meridian
To bring water to farmland by pipes or channels
Something dirty, impure, unhealthy
The heating up of Earth from burning oil and gas
An idea, belief or custom that people pass down to their descendants
The use of science and machines to improve ways of doing things
How one place compares to another place
The place on Earth that something is
How far north or south of the equator a place is