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Chapter Two and Three Vocab

The type of arrangement in which each worker specializes in a particular task or job.
The Countryside
The worship of many gods.
Human made waterways.
Learn how to do a specific type of work.
Certain way a group practice religion.
One of Uruk's kings who became a legendary figure in Sumerian literature.
People who preformed religious ceremonies.
A way of supplying water to an area of land.
A shift from rural to urban areas in population.
The division of society by rank or class.
The City
Used to make sure a group prospers and follows laws.
A division of society based on social and economic status.
The rivers that were at the edges of Mesopotamia.
Building or creating inventions that help to improve ones life.
A mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks.
The first ruler to have a permanent army.
A large arc of rich farmland.
A epic poem from Mesopotamia.
A city and the countryside around it.
More than needed.