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The Story of Esther

Teacher:  Noreen Jacks
Topic: Customs and Manners
Teaching:  By Divine Appointment
The cousin who had raised Esther.
What Esther's cousin wore when he learned of the deadly edict.
A robe and ______ were to be given to the man the king chose to honor.
Type of ring used by the king to seal all orders.
The king's second edict allowed the Jewish people to ______ themselves.
The king offered this portion of his kingdom to Esther.
Name of Esther's father.
Esther's cousin uncovered a plan to ______ the king.
Banquet beverage.
A decree was written in the laws of ______ and Media.
Queen who refused to obey the King's summons.
Pompous royal official to whom everyone was told to bow.
Where two disloyal officials were hung.
Hegai was the king's ______, placed in charge of the women.
An ______ was decreed to annihilate the Jewish people.
What the king set upon Esther's head.
Celebration that marks the month when Jewish sorrow was turned to joy.
The king wanted to teach all women to ______ their husbands.
Esther's alternate name.
Esther kept her family background ______ from the king.
Where Esther's cousin often waited to learn about her status.
Tribe from which Esther's family was descended.
Beautiful girls were brought into the king's ______.
What Esther did for 3 days before approaching the king.
Event to which Esther invited the king before she presented her petition.
One could only appear before the king if the king extended his
Xerxes ruled from ______ to Cush.
Number of days the king's banquet lasted before his queen was deposed.
Capital from which the king ruled on this throne.
Number of months of beauty treatments prescribed before women were allowed to go to the king.