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Biology :D

Whats the outcome of a experiment
Combined atoms
Deoxyribase nucleic acid
Life that comes from life
Well tested explanation
A group of tissues that work together
Info gathered
One cell
Not too much or too little or you die, right in the middle
Anything that makes a organ react
More than one cell
Change overtime
Has a nucleus, larger organelles
A group of organs that preform tasks
A group of cells that work together
Logical interpretation, based on prior knowledge
Actually exist, reality
Carrying out a test to determine a outcome
Info gathered using senses
Some organisms can use the suns ENERGY to convert materials into sugar
Unicellular, only bacteria
What is affected
The group where nothing is added to whats being tested
1 parent
Gather background info
Everything living has them
Oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen
No numbers, just dscription
Study of life
2 parents
Info that you gathered from an observation or experiment