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God calls Abraham

God calls Abraham
By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, _______; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. Hebrews 11:8
And _____ passed through the land unto the place of Sichem, unto the plain of Moreh. And the Canaanite was then in the land. Genesis 12:6
And the Lord ________unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land. Genesis 12:7
and there _______ he an altar unto the Lord, who appeared unto him. Genesis 12:7
Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a ____ that I will shew thee. Genesis 12:1
And Abram took _____ his wife, and Lot his brother's son, and all their substance that they had gathered, and the souls that they had gotten in Haran; and they went forth to go into the land of Canaan. Genesis 12:5