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PIE by Sarah Weeks

Alice's last name
The mayor of Ipswitch
The "pie queen"of Ipswitch
The Needleman's daughter and after many years Charlie's wife
The piecrust recipe left to the cat
The pie contest
The Inventor of of LARDO shortening
The secret ingredient left to Lardo when Polly passed away
Alice and Charlie's favorite TV show
WhaT pattern was Polly's Apron?
The Reverend's last name at church
The school principal that they thought stole the key to the PIE shop
Polly's cat
Someone who steals cats
Charlie's last name
Where state is Ipswitch in
Polly's niece
Alice's best friend
The mayor's wife
Alice's father
Polly's mother
Alice's mother and Polly's sister
The name of Polly Portman's shop
The police chief
What did Polly charge for her pies?