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Vocabulary Science Crossword Puzzle By: Skyler Smallwood

Any one of the ridge crustal blocks of the lithosphere which move horizontally across Earths surface relative to one another.
Boundaries where tectonic plates are moving away from each other, often creating Mid-Ocean Ridges or Rift Valleys.
A thick mass of igneous rock which lies under the ocean floor made of basalt.
_______ are narrow and elongated depressions within the ocean floor formed by subdution zones and they form the lowest points on Earth.
A boundary where tectonic plates collide with each other often creating volcanic mountains on the coast or huge mountain ranges in the center of continents.
A long narrow valley lying between two faults on land. They form at divergent boundaries. One example is the Great Rift Valley in Africa.
A long mountain range on the ocean floor, extending, through the Atlantic,Indian, and Pacific Ocean from which magma flows and forms new crust.
Boundaries where tectonic plates are not moving directly toward or directly away from each other but rather two tectonic plates grind past each other in a horizontal direction
A process, in which, one edge of a lithospheric plate is forced below the edge of another. The denser of the two plates sink beneath the other. As it descends, the plate often generates seismic and volcanic activity in the overriding plate.
Thick continental crust that is composed mostly of granite.
The movement,formation,or re-formation of continents described by the theory of plate tectonics.
A process in which new Ocean floor is created at new ocean ridges and spreads away from the ridges. It returns to Earth's interior along subduction zones.
A hypothetical super-continent that included all the Triassic Period.
A remnant or trace of a plant or animal that was once a living organism.