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The Gilded Age Cross Word Puzzle

Any individual settler paying a small filling fee could stake a claim to 160 acres of free land in the west.
Policy of letting things take their own course.
A period of social and economic change that transforms a human group into an industrial one.
The ability of the workers to get out vote for their candidates on election day.
Established that federal government jobs should be awarded of merit instead of political affiliation.
Workers who fight to demand bigger wages.
A major philanthropist, utilized the Bessemer, and once had the largest steel company in America.
Making an immigrant(particularly native people) dress, speak, and live like an American.
A person who operates a business(s).
Invented the light bulb.
Protecting the interests of native-born inhabitants against immigrants.
The growth of a city population.
Donation of money to good causes.
Domination of a particular business or trade.
A way of producing large quality of steel by pumping air through a furnace with melted iron.