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Music of the World

a type of ballroom dance that originated in Cuba
A balinese music ensembleperforming group
deliberate shifts of accents so that it conflicts with the steady beat. Playing on the (+) or off beat
Characterized by a heightened sensitivity to the content, form, or emotional impact of artistic work or even
the distance in pitch between two tones
A basic rhythmic pattern that provides the foundation for the complex rhythms played by multiple drums
Spontaneous musical invention
An intentionally organized succession of musical tones
A sequence of tones arranged in rising pitches
listening to and appreciating a musical work for its full range of technical and expressive properties
A latin American dance performed at a moderately slow, walk-like tempo in 4/4 time
Informal music that develops within and is strongly associated with a cultural group or region
Mexican dance music originating in Texas
a rhythmic measure of a certain number of beats.
a rhythmic Latin American dance with the basic pattern of three steps and a shuffle
in unison with everyone sounding the same pitch or octave at the same time
A Cooperative Music expression
relating to hearing
Combinations of long and short sounds that convey a sense of movement
A style of "art" music that stands apart from traditional or popular music
a steady recurring pulse
the emphasis placed on a beat or sound
An Athletic dance that includes kicks and inward leg rotations on syncopated beats of the music
Music intended for a wide audience, featuring prominent melodies
A scholar who studies the music of different cultural groups
the Highness or Lowness of sound determined by its frequency of vibration
Music written during the classical period for mall ensemble
a refined style of classical dance emphasizing the verticality of the body, an outward rotation of the legs with fluid foot- and leg work, and virtuoso turns and jumps
the division of beats into a defined group separated by a bar line
a question and answer pattern in which a group responds to a leader
A performer with brilliant, flawless technique
The structure and design of a composition, incorporating repetition, contrast, unity, and variey
the way sounds are woven together
A particular type of music with a distinctive form or sound
a Jazzy dance in which couples swing, balance and twirl
The distinct tonal quality of an instrument or voice, which is clearly identifiable by the ear
An African –Brazilian dance that is faster and jazzier than the tango
A musical form where parts enter at different times but have the same melody throughout