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Science Crossword

Teacher: Mr.Bailey
the movement of deep, cold and nutrients rich water to the surface
a leading edge of warmer mass of air
movement of air in a particular area
volume of air measured by its temperature and amount of water vapor
giant, spiraling tropical storms that form over the sea
movement of matter that results form differences in density.
An area where pressure is high
occurs during the process of cyclogenesis when a cold front overtakes a warm front
a type of weather map that shows fronts and pressure systems
a horizontal movement of ocean water caused by wind near or at the surface
movement of air involving the entire earth
is calculated by considering the mass of an object by its unit volume
movement of denser air over the land to less dense air over the sea
movement of denser air over the sea to less dense air over the land
Water in its gaseous state
characteristic conditions of the atmosphere over a long period of time
a leading edge of a cooler mass of air, replacing a warmer mass of air
amount of salt in a solution or substance
amount of moisture in air
a stream like movement of water far below the surface
the curbing of the path of a moving object due to the rotation of the earth
a narrow band of strong winds that blow in the upper troposphere
a type of weather map that shows the amount of rainfall and snow across a region
a boundary between two different air masses neither of which is strong enough to replace the other
a place where pressure is low