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Unit 3 Vocab

An exchange of goods, ideas and skills from the Old World (Europe, Asia and Africa) to the New World (North and South America) and vice versa.
(1754-1763) War fought in the colonies between the English and the French for possession of the Ohio Valley area. The English won.
The business of capturing, transporting, and selling people as slaves
A religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches.
To sail completely around the world
Selling of forgiveness by the Catholic Church. It was common practice when the church needed to raise money. The practice led to the Reformation.
Early-sixteenth-century Spanish adventurers who conquered Mexico, Central America, and Peru. (Examples Cortez, Pizarro, Francisco.)
A Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements
The leg of the triangular trade route on which slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas; extremely brutal conditions: many slaves would die during transport
the trading system between the Americas, England and Africa; Africa would give slaves to the Americas, including the West Indies; America would offer timber, tobacco, fish, and flour; England would mainly provide finished goods
Written by Machiavelli; stated that rulers should not be bound by moral constraints because people were generally evil
A movement of the Catholic Church, in reaction to the Reformation, in which Catholic leaders worked to correct abuses, to clarify and defend Catholic teachings, to condemn what they saw as Protestant errors, and to win back members
The difference between a country's total exports and total imports
Part of the Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal; boundary running from North to South through the Atlantic Ocean and eastern South America; gave Spain most of the New World and Portugal got Brazil and control of its route to Asia around Africa
A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
"Rebirth"; following the Middle Ages, a movement that centered on the revival of interest in the classical learning of Greece and Rome
Document written by Martin Luther and posted on a church door in Germany that listed 95 things that Luther saw wrong with the church (example: indulgences)
An economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought; colonies were a key part of this system
A fleet of warships
A book by Sir Thomas More (1516) describing the perfect society on an imaginary island