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Cell Review - Chapter 3

In this type of solution a cell would swell and burst
Type of solution that contains the same amount of solute as a cell
This is the process of using the proton pump to make ATP
This ion is in higher concentration inside the cell
Large hollow proteins that are used for transporting molecules in the cell
An example of a transport protein in a cell membrane
The Na/K pump is very important for creating this
Increasing this will increase the rate of diffusion
Ions can only cross the membrane through one of these
Organisms that are prokaryotes
Main type of fat in cell membranes
Organelle that contains DNA
A type of transport that requires a membrane protein
An organelle that detoxifies harmful molecules
Part of nucleus where rRNA is formed
An organelle that digests macromolecules and old organelles
Organelle that processes and modifies proteins
Organelles used for protein synthesis
Organelles that make spindle fibers
The process of water moving across a membrane
An extracellular protein that connects integrins to the ECM
Contain actin and help cells to 'crawl'
Openings in nuclear envelope that allows RNA to leave the nucleus
Protein fibers that form a scaffold inside the cell
The simplest cell type
This is the process of moving large substances into a cell
Organelle that produces ATP
An extracellular protein that makes tissues strong
The complex cell type
An extra protein covering on some prokaryotes
The head of a phospholipid is...
Structures on some bacteria that allow genetic material to be exchanged
This is needed for the Na/K pump to function