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Chapter 2: cell functions!

Process that gets energy from food WITHOUT oxygen
Passive transport only for water
Process that breaks glucose into simpler parts
Controls all cell activity, holds DNA
Turns light energy and CO2 into glucose and oxygen
Organelle responsible for photosynthesis
Process in which cells break down food and oxygen for energy
Concept that all livings things are made up of cells
Flexible covering on outside of cell
Long chains of amino acids
Cell structure with specific job
Large macromolecule that doesn't dissolve in water
Goo-like substance that holds all other organelles in place
Small molecules joined together
Passive transport from high to low concentration
How cells take in large objects by covering them in membrane
Kind of transport where that requires no enerrgy
One, two, or more chain of sugar molecules
Organelle responsible for cellular respiration
Macromolecules made from nucleiotides
Dictates biological function
Rigid covering of only plant cells
Kind of transport that requires energy