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7th Grade Chapter 10: The Ancient Greeks Sections 1 - 4

Society organized for the purpose of waging war.
"High city" in Greek; the upper part of an Ancient Greek city, where public buildings and the city's defenses were located.
Man responsible for the day-to-day operation of the government in Sparta.
Democracy in which people elect representatives to make the nation's laws.
Foreigner in a Greek city-state, often a merchant or artisan.
Government in which a small group of people rule.
Greek military formation of heavily armed foot soldiers who moved together as a unit.
Ownership and control of other people as property.
Government in which citizens take part directly in the day-to-day affairs of government.
Form of government in which citizens hold political power.
Legal member of a country or city-state.
Person who pays rent, either in money or crops, to grow crops on another person's land.
Membership in a state or community which gives a person civil and political rights and obligations.
Hereditary class of rulers, Greek for "rule by the best people."
Messenian person forced to work as a lowly farmer by Sparta.
Greek city-state
Unjust use of power, or in Ancient Greece a government run by a strong ruler.
The art and practice of government.
Military housing