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Chapter 2 Vocab Review

The part following the if
Reasoning based on patterns you observe
Determining whether a conditional is either true or false is called finding its...
The opposite of a statement p is called its
A conclusion you reach using inductive reasoning
A single true statement that combines a true conditional and its true converse
Negate both the hypothesis and the conclusion of the converse
This type of proof is written as sentences.
The part following the then
A conjecture or statement that you prove true
Reasoning that is based on the process of reasoning logically from given statements or facts to a conclusion
If a=b then b=a is an example of this property
If a hypothesis of a true conditional is true then the conclusion is true, this is the law of...
If p then q is true and q then r is true, then p then r is true is called the law of...
Negate both the hypothesis and conclusion of the conditional
This type of proof lists statements on the left and reasons on the right
If a=b and b=c then a=c is an example of this property
An if-then statement
An example that shows that a conjecture is incorrect
A=A is an example of this property
When you exchange the hypothesis and the conclusion
A convincing argument that uses deductive reasoning