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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Stars Reading book 4 pgs 9-19

A deep cut is a _____.
To be the same size as the actual object or living thing is to be ___.
A,b,c,d, the___.
Very wide
Things that tell the temperature are ___.
Things that measure weight are___.
A place that makes items such as furniture and tools is a ___.
To disagree and show your disagreement to others.
It is used to show how fast you are driving a vehicle.
Special designs or things on an object are ___.
The opposite of full is _____.
To stop something from happening
Food made from milk such as yogurt, ice cream, and butter
Your beliefs that go against someone's beliefs or actions.
To have things all around something is to ___ it.
To think about other things and not concentrate or pay attention to is to ___.
Your ____ tells how smart you are in figuring out or knowing information.
When your dog licks you or your mom gives you a kiss is ___.
To constantly not remember something is ___.
To buy
A fancy dress is a ____.
What you believe in are your _____.
There are 12 ____in the year.
To stay away from on purpose
It is used to tell how far you have traveled in a vehicle.
To make something is to ____ it.
It is used to tell how far you have walked.
The opposite of son is ___.
Something that is very different than something else.
A place where cookies, pies, cakes and doughnuts are made is a _____.
Close to
A bucket is a ___.
Tremendous in size like a dinosaur.