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Rome's Decline and Legacy

Teacher: Jena McCloskey
Someone who was primitive and uncivilized
Eastern half of the Roman Empire that survived for a thousand years after the fall of Rome
Branch of Christianity that developed in the Eastern Roman Empire
Term describing people who make a living by herding animals and moving from place to place as the seasons change
People chosen to speak and act for others
Statement of beliefs
Local church leaders within the Roman Catholic Church
Uniform code of law based on Roman law
Roman emperor who restored order to the empire and divided it into eastern and western parts
Emperor who expanded the Byzantine Empire
Soldier for hire
Roman emperor who made Christianity one of the empire's legal religions
Christian church based in Rome
To loot;to take things by force
Bishop of Rome and the most important bishop in the Roman Catholic Church
Leader who has total power
Union of 3 divine beings- Father, Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit
Founder of a Frankish kingdom in the former Roman province of Gaul
Non-jewish people