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The Constitution

Powers of the U.S. government which have not been explicitly granted by the Constitution, but that is implied.
Splitting powers into 3 branches.
Opening statement of the Constitution.
Relationship between the U.S. state government and the federal government.
Powers assigned to the states and the people.
The powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution.
The constitution is the "supreme law of the land."
Branches ability to keep each others' power in check
Can't get charged for the same crime twice.
People follow the same laws and are punished the same way.
Power of the people.
Making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.
Fair treatment through the normal judicial system.
Forbids government from establishing an official religion.
The right of a government to expropriate private for public use, with paying of compensation.
Rights for citizens to accept any religious beliefs or rituals.
A written defamation.
Congress can pass all laws they see fit.
Making changes for improvement.
The right to vote.