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Cell Crossword Puzzle

A living thing that has cells that contain nuclei.
Rod-shaped cell structures that change food into energy that the cell can use for its functions.
The cell structure that controls the jobs of cells in a eukaryote and determines the cells function.
A cell structure that creates passageways that proteins and other materials are transported through to different parts of the cell.
A living thing that has cells that don't have nuclei and several other cell structures.
The unit that living things are made of.
A tiny cell structure that does one specific job in the cell.
A small cell structure that contains chemicals that break down food particles.
The boundary of the cell that controls what leaves and enters the cell.
The hair-like objects on the outside of cells that move in a wave like motion.
A tiny structure in the cytoplasm that produces proteins.
A cell structure in the cells of plants and some other organisms that turns energy from the sun into food.
A cell structure that receives proteins and other materials and distributes them to other places throughout the cell.
A long, string-like structure that helps a cell move.
The material in the cell apart from the nucleus.
A tough layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cells of plants and other living things.