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Micheal Vey and the prisoner of cell 25

Who is the main character?
What character cannot shower?
What family member of Micheal's is dead?
Who is Micheal's girlfriend?
What is the author's last name?
What is Wade's last name?
What happened to the 42 of 59 babies born around the same time as Micheal?
Who is Taylor's twin?
Who is the leader of the students at the academy?
Who sucks the power out of everybody at the academy?
Who was in the prison with Taylor?
What do they keep Micheal in?
Who is one of the bullies that beats up Micheal?
What town do they live in?
Who are the Electroclan fighting?
How does Micheal let off electricity?
What disease does Micheal have?
Tara is Taylor's what
What is the author's first name?
Who is the creator of Elgen?
Where is the academy?
What character can see through walls?
What is Ostin's last name?
What is Micheal's last name?
What do the electric kids do?