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Physical Science Vocabulary Review

Name: ___________________________________
Something about an object that you can observe with your senses.
A measure of how resistant a material is to scratching, bending or denting.
The forms in which a material can exist.
The energy of heat.
A material through which electric energy can flow easily.
A measure of how well electricity can move through a material.
The ability of matter to dissolve in a liquid.
The point where a liquid changes to a gas.
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
Matter that has its own shape (definite shape, definite size).
A force between magnets and objects magnets attract.
A material that heats up quickly.
To change from a gas to a liquid.
A material that slows or stops the flow of electricity.
The amount of matter in an object.
Two or more kinds of matter put together.
A principle that states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.
A material that heats up slowly.
A change in the state of matter in which the material is still the SAME type of material with the same properties as the original.
The point where a solid changes to a liquid.
Matter that takes the shape of its container but has a definite size.
A mixture of matter dissolved in a liquid.
Matter that spreads to fill a space (no definite size or shape)