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Chapter 1 - Geography of Texas

Teacher: Orth
Anything useful to people.
Pattern of weather over time.
Water below the Earth's surface.
An area with common features.
Level area higher than surrounding land.
Trees and plants growing in an area.
A bowl shaped depression.
Place where plants and animals live.
Hemispheres Texas is located in. (3 words)
Moisture that falls from the clouds.
Natural or artificial lake.
Takes longer than a lifetime to replace.
Close to becoming endangered.
Highest spot in Texas. (2 words)
A long steep slope or cliff.
Conditions at one time and place.
Continent Texas is located on. (2 words)
Texas' neighbor to the east.
Harmful substances.
Storm with strong winds and snow.
Texas' neighbor to the north.
Long narrow islands just off the coast. (2 words)
Region of United States Texas is located in.
Fierce swirling funnel of wind.
A cold air mass.
Where groundwater comes to the surface.
Species in danger of disappearing.
Replaceable in a lifetime.
Limit the use.
Period of time with little rain.