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Art I Review

Regular and irregular are examples of _____.
Differences in values, colors, textures, shapes and other elements, making them stand out from each other
3 Dimensional shape
A moving dot through space
Horizon line and vanishing points are used in _____.
Geometric and _____ are two types of shapes.
The quality of an artwork seeming whole and complete, with all the elements of art and principles of design in the composition looking like they belong together.
Type of balance that is different on both sides
Another word for focal point
Principle or art that refers to the way the artwork is arranged, making it not too heavy on one side
Kind of space that refers to the empty areas around the shapes or forms of an artwork
The lightness and darkness of a color.
A shape is 2 dimensional and ___.
The way something feels to the touch or how it may look.
Type of balance that derives from the center