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Family Law Intro Terms

P250 - Family Law
Assignment 1:  Crossword Puzzle
A type of agreement which is a contract entered into between two parties who intend to marry, and the contract determines their rights upon dissolution of their marriage.
A type of maintenance similar to a legal separation in which the marriage is still valid and neither party is legally free to marry.
A type of arrangement between same sex couples or opposite sex couples who cannot or will not marry.
A type of agreement is a contract entered into by unmarried individuals who live together or plan to live together.
A type of action in which the petitioning party requests that the court hold a hearing to establish whether a particular man is the child's biological father.
Family or marital disputes may be settled by using this form of alternate dispute resolution.
An agreement is this when it is so unfair to one party that the court will refuse to enforce it.
A type of separation similar to a divorce or dissolution action but where the parties retain marital rights.
A type of agreement similar to a prenuptial agreement, but entered into by the parties after the marriage has been performed.
A judicial decision that a valid marriage does not exist or never existed between two people.