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Utah: Our Home

One reason why Utah is so dry is that it is in the _____ of mountain ranges to the west. (2 words)
_______ location describes a place in relation to other things. eg. Utah is North of Arizona.
High landforms with large bases and small peaks are called _____.
Utah's two largest rivers are the Colorado River and the _____ River.
200 types of ____ grow in Utah, cleaning the air, keeping us cool, and providing building supplies and energy to heat our homes.
The region that covers most of Western Utah and Nevada is the _____. (2 words)
The region that covers Southeastern Utah is the _____. (2 words)
A clean, renewable source of energy in Utah is ______.
Most of Utah gets less than 10 inches of rain per year. Because of this, it is considered a desert _______.
On a map, the __ shows direction. (2 words)
Utah's three main _____ are mountains, plateaus, and basins.
When wind, water, and ice carry away sediment, it is called _______.
There are over 600 ______ found in Utah including copper, silver, and salt.
When a body of water gives the land around it a more moist and moderate climate, it is called the _____. (2 words)
The imaginary lines on a map that form a grid to describe absolute location are called latitude and ________.
All living things need _____. It is one of our most important natural resources.
Higher elevations get more ______ because the clouds get too heavy to hold the moisture as they rise.
Rivers and streams flow from high _____, down to lower lakes and the ocean.
The breaking apart of rocks is called ______.
Utah's two largest lakes are the Great Salt lake and ____ lake.
Salt Lake City is in a small basin between two mountain ranges called a _______.
The water cycle is powered by the ______.
Much of the best ______ in Utah was deposited by Lake Bonneville.