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The result of the reactant
How two sex cells meet and unite
it is the process of water being sucked through the roots, through the stem and out the holes in the leaves
Brings water from the ground into the plant
Tube like structures inside the plant that carries water and minerals up the plant
Is what happens when animals eat plants and turns unusable energy into useable energy to animals
The specialized female sex cell
The flatten tip of the pistil
What is taken in
The female part of a flower
The specialized male sex cell
The process in which plants make their own food
When the two sex cells are combined
The male part of the flower
The base of the pistil deep inside the center of a female flower
The main food producing organ in the plant
Protector of the stomata and protects the opening and closing
The holes in the leaves that release water vapor into the atmosphere
The long thin part of the stamen
The most visible part of a flower