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Plant Processes

The process in which plants release water through the stomata
Roots respond to Earth's gravity by growing toward the center of the Earth
"Nature's recyclers" They break down nutrients that are part of a dead body.
Pores in a plant's leaves that control the amount of water in a plant's tissues by releasing water vapor into the surrounding air
When plant roots are in soil that has lots of water, they grow toward the water. This is called....
Create their own food
The food made by a plant
Shows the feeding relationships and energy transfer among producers, consumers and decomposers
A response to touch where tendrils curl around any object they touch.
The process where light, water and co2 create food for a plant
Living things that get their energy by eating other living things
A chemical that is a chain of sugar molecules of glucose
Leaves and stems tend to grow toward a source of light
A series of steps showing the transfer of energy among living things. In other words series of steps that show what eats what
Plant responses to conditions in the environment