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Plants creating seeds & types of plants

The sticky part on the top of the pistil to which pollen grains stick
Young tree
The ovary surrounding the seed or seeds enlarges and develops into a _________
Produce seeds with a single seed leaf, or food-storing leaf
A type of tree that loses its' leaves in the fall and winter
The ovule forms a protective ____________ around the embryo and food supply, making the seed
Any trait that helps a plant to survive
Ferns, horsetails, mosses are examples of this type of plant
Sprouting of a seed
All plants are members of the ____________
Becomes the fruit
Cone-bearing plants; often will not lose their leaves in the winter
When the stem appears above the ground it is called a _________
This part of a flowering plant becomes the seed
Transfer of pollen grains from one flower to another
The scattering of seeds away from the parent plant
The male part of the flower
The female part of the flower
A tiny new plant
Plants that produce seeds with two leaves