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Reading Food Labels

Knowing What Nutrients to Limit or Boost Can Help Promote Good Health!
Cutting back on this type of carbohydrate can help with weight management and decrease risk for Type 2 diabetes.
____________hydrogenerated oils are the worst type of fat to consume and can be found listed under the ingredients list.
The government entity that makes sure food companies comply with food packaging safety guidelines.
Tropic oils such as coconut and palm oil are 2 sources of saturated fat that contribute to high __________ and should be limited.
Which type of fat should be limited in a healthy diet.
This nutrient found in highly processed foods should be limited in the American diet.
Portion control is essential to weight management - what information on the Nutrition Food Label should I look for?
These man-made fats increase risk for cardiovascular disease.
The recommended amount of nutrient shown in a % found on the Nutrition Facts label.
Type of naturally occurring sugar found in dairy.