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Old Testament Books

Son of Beeri
A book that counts things
Son of Pethuel
A book of songs
2nd book about kings
A man who looses everything
3rd book in OT
Ran away in a ship
A young jewish girl becomes Queen
Prophet and son of Berechiah
A book about a king in love
Prophet who asked "how long will I call for help?"
5th book in OT
1st of two about kings
Cupbearer for King Artexerxes
Boy who got a multicolored coat
Shortest book in OT
Priest who foresaw Jerusalem destroyed
First book in old testament
A book a wise advises
Prophet who wrote a lot
A Priest and scribe for King Artaxerxes
Sheepherder who saw visions
Has only 3 chapters
A book about crying to God
Prophet who cried a lot
Where Moses gets the 10 commandments
Prophet who spoke to Zerubbabel
Book with many court cases
He went into a lions den
Naomi's daughter in law
The word of the Lord came to him about Samaria and Jerusalem
Last book in OT