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The Cell Cycle and Protein Synthesis

The process of regrowing missing body parts
Protein synthesis occurs on this organelle
A nucleotide contains phosphate, base and
The four bases that are found in DNA nucleotides, are adenine, thymine, cytosine and
When all the genes of a chromosomes have duplicated but are still attached, the structures formed are called this ( 2 words)
Adenine always pairs with this
The new cell that forms from the union of two gametes is called a
This type of reproduction produces offspring hat are
Genes are sections of
Combining of an egg and sperm is called
A cell that has two of each kind of chromosome
This type of reproduction receives genes from both parents
A codon codes for a (two words)
A type of asexual reproduction in which a portion of the parent separates to form a new organism , like in yeast
The two scientist that came up with a model for the structure of DNA is Crick and (last name only).
What type of RNA carries the genetic code from DNA to the ribosomes?