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World Geography: Review, Chapters 1-4

To work on what one does the best
A vast city made up of many cities, one right next to another
How far north or south of the equator a place is
A system of building, using, and distributing wealth and resources
Companies that do business in many countries
A climate from southeast Alaska to northern California that has mild, cloudy summers and wet winters
A variety of people; differences
An area away from cities, such as a farm
How far east or west a place is from the prime meridian
A city and its suburbs
How one place compares to another place
How people settle, use, live on, and change the land
Having to do with the government - laws & customs people live by
A group of people living together who have common ideas, beliefs, activities or interests
The use and management of money by banks and businesses
Everything to do with work or money
Bordering on or being near the sea
The borrowing of language, customs, and religion from other cultures
The native people of Canada
A climate with very cold winters and very hot summers, with little precipitation
A Christian who does not belong to the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity
The exact spot or area of a place
How people, ideas, and products move between places