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Rod Stewart’s middle name
The place where there's a barber showing photographs. (2 words)
Queen started out with a different singer and under what name ?
This artist portrayed the 'Pinball Wizard' in the Who's rock opera "Tommy" (2 words)
The Police hit ‘Walking On The Moon’ was originally called “Walking..."(3 words)
Swedish superstars
David Bowie’s first soul influenced album (2 Words)
The song best associated with the band Free (3 words)
An Ontario city that is also the title of a song from The Tragically Hip
A phase of sleep or the band from Athens, Georgia
The band flew but it was spelt wrong
Tom Petty And The...
Considered to be one of the most important records in music history. From the Beach Boys. (2 words)
They had Breakfast In America
Van Halen used the bassline to this Rolling Stones song on their 1981 song "Push Comes To Shove." (2 words)
The Beatles Recording Studio (2 words)
One of the biggest bands of all time or a constitutional monarch
Stings Last name
They asked the difficult question: "Don't You Want Me Baby?..." (3 words)
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" including this band. (3 Words)
Van Morrison’s mid 60’s band
This highest charting song from the band Kiss, "Beth," was originally called this.
John Mellencamp reluctantly agreed to release his first album under this name. (2 words)
Lead singer of the band Max Webster (2 words)
David Bowie's birth surname
Gorky Park song band
Don’t forget the motor city
He was just running "Against The Wind" (2 words)
The band most associated with the emergence of "grunge"
Bob Marley's real first name.