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7th Grade Chapter 11: Ancient Greek Civilization Sections 1 - 3

Alexander helped liberate Egypt. Before leaving Egypt he founded a city on the edge of the Nile Delta called?
Competitive games that brought athletes together from many different city-states. Games became the most famous sporting event in the world. Games happened every 4 years.
Alliance formed between Greek city-states and Athens
Alliance formed between Greek city-states and Sparta.
Commented on the action of plays and advised the characters
Poets would sing these poems while playing a stringed instrument known as a lyre.
An 18 foot pike used by the Macedonian soldiers
The worship of many gods or deities.
Battle ended the first Persian War. Although being outnumbered 2 to 1 the Athenian foot soldiers defeated the Persians. Legend says a messenger died after running 26 miles to carry the news of the Athenian victory.
Located in the sacred site within Delphi in the temple of Apollo. She was Apollo's priestess said to be able to predict what would happen in the future.
Word meaning Greek like. Alexander loved Greek culture and spread it throughout his empire.
Battle ended the second Persian War. The Greek navy trapped the Persian fleet of 200 ships in a narrow strait defeating the Persian navy.
Collection of myths or stories that people tell about their gods and heroes.