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History of Cosmetology

Established a council with the goal of standardizing requirements for Barber Schools
Women pinched their cheeks and bit their lips
First to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion
Made lavish use of perfumes and cosmetics
Brought a new prosperity to the United States
Invented the curling iron
Must have an aptitude for math and accounting
Roman woman used hair color to indicate
A symbol of the barber surgeon
DeCaprio coined the term
Wore makeup on their cheeks and lips, but not on their eyes
Driving force behind brand success
Working behind the scenes at magazines and TV sets
Used blond hair color
Used to stain their hair and nails
Period that shaved brows and hairlines to give the look of greater intelligence
Geometric cuts
First ammonia free haircolor
African civilization used hairstyles as a
Provides information about products, new trends, and new techniques