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Rocks and Minerals

Gabriel Lucas
persevered traces of organic life from the geologic past
igneous rock formed outside of the earth's crust
small particles of stone
a trait of a mineral that means it breaks apart on a smooth surface
a type of rock formed by cooling magma or lava
a simple substance that can be made by some substances
igneous rock formed inside the earth's mantle
a type of rock formed by compaction and cementation of sediment
a rock formed by existing rock by heat and pressure
bits of rock
made liquid by great heat and pressure
round rocks cemented together
to form crystals by evaporating salt water
a chalky sedimentary rock
a cycle which rock is recycled
a natural, inorganic, solid with a definite chemical composition, and a crystal structure
sedimentary rock made by the evaporation of salt water
A type of igneous rock
a common intrusive rock found at ocean floor
the process that dissolved minerals crystallize
a mineral that makes pencil lead
ore found in sedimentary rock and volcanic rock
the process of sediments compacting in great pressure
a process that sediments are pressed tightly together
the smallest partial the makes up all inorganic matter