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Past Tense Verbs

My teacher _____ on me to give the answer.
We _______ to get to school on time.
I told my mom I _____ my room last week.
The water _______ all over my shirt when I used the water fountain.
The snow _____ when the sun came out.
We ______ on tubes in the river.
Last night we went to the river with our poles and ________.
I ________ a letter to my Grama on her birthday.
I ________ a bouquet of flowers for my mom.
Our team ______ hard but we didn't win the game.
My brother ____ if he could borrow my phone.
The monster truck _____ the car with its huge tires.
Last spring we _______ seeds in the garden.
It was beautiful when it _____ last night.
The boat _____ slowly in the wind.