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Health Care Reform by Leah Peart

Big business will be blanked if they do not insure their workers.
A program for low income kids.
A person can be turned down if they have this condition.
If they spend too much money on administrative cost they will have to give it back through blank.
For low income Americans.
Government will provide these.
If not covered at blank you are eligible to participate in an exchange.
Insurance companies need to be this.
To reduce Medicare and Medicaid.
Medicare will provide preventative care such as blank and vaccinations.
Can not be turned down or charged more if you are blank.
Blank limits on health care coverage will be gone.
Medicaid will be blank to cover all low income Americans.
Government will chip in money to bring down blank.
If you lose your job or don't have decent coverage you may get a health insurance tax blank
Some services will be blank in all new insurance policies.
Out of 10 believes health care reform will make them better off.
You are on your parents insurance till this age.
It is illegal to turn down kids for having a blank condition.
For disabled or retired people.