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Nazism and the Holocaust

Treaty that stripped Germany of its military, took away land, and forced them to pay reparations
Hitler's occupation during WWI
Required to be worn by every Jewish person
Promised to restore Germany and make it a world power
Annexed to Germany in 1938
Leader of the National Socialist German worker's Party
Needed Germany to repay debts, but couldn't so businesses failed
The government established in Germany after WW I
Money Germany had to pay to the countries they caused so much destruction in
A place Jewish people could call home
Type of government led by a dictator
Moved across Europe in 1945 and liberated camps as they travelled
A county obtains new land for wealth and power
Symbols of this were outlawed in 1945
Country that was invaded which led to the start of WWII
People who were deported to concentration camps
What was started on September 1, 1939
Rebuilding military, taking over neighboring countries, and stopping reparations
Came into power in Germany and lasted until 1945
Agreements between countries to help each other when needed
Hitler's occupation in 1933
Getting rid of something
Form of government that existed in Germany during the mid 1930s
Money became extremely inflated
Strong sense of pride in one's own country
Building up of a country's armed forces
Systematic, state sponsored killing of 11 million innocent people
People who were considered a 'pure' race
Country forced to accept blame for WWI
Book that outlined a plan to save Germany