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8th Grade Crossword Puzzle

Someone or something that is extravagant or looks flame-like in color or form
Unbearable; not able to be endured
A strong feeling of opposition or dislike
Things happening at the same time
Displays absolute happiness or anyone who looks extremely happy.
done in a way that is intense, extreme, violent and/or aggressive
Tendency or something that someone is likely to do.
Is magnificent costly, a high expense
Excessive and not mild, or indulging in alcohol to an extreme level.
Something that is an omen of bad things to come or an unlucky beginning
To be decorated, have ornaments, beauty or splendor
Not merited, meaning, not deserved
Someone who is very good at a particular skill or activity
Defined as to guess
Agreement, compatibility, harmony
Something that is suited to a particular occasion or something that enjoys benefits of good fortune
To become like others or help another person adapt to a situation
Tending to become violent, explosive or unpredicatble
Violent outcry, exclamation, vehement utterance.
Mesmerized, entranced, rapt, focused attention
As coming or following as a result of an earlier action
To gorge or glut, devour greedily, to congest with fluid
To yell at or demean