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human biology crossword puzzle

Building block of protein
Most common blood type
Carry information away from the CNS
A protein in the muscle
Photoreceptors that work in low light
Muscle on the shoulder
Shoulder blade
Chemical that crosses the synapse
Location of the heart
Alveoli are made of this type of tissue
Part of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres
Photoreceptors that detect color
Phospholipid bilayer
Attaches bone to bone
A support cell in the nervous system
Amount of air in a normal breath
Part of the neuron that carries action potential towards synapse
Clear portion of the sclera
A chemical messenger
Six pack muscle
Consists of brain and spinal cord
Farther from the body
A protein the muscle, has little heads
Plasma protein that helps maintain water balance between blood and tissues
Brings deoxygenated blood from legs to heart
Big blood vessel at the start of systemic circuit
A working cell in the nervous system
Wall of muscle between right and left ventricles
Site of cellular respiration
Building block of carbohydrates
A plane between right and left sides of the body
Attaches muscle to bone
Knee cap
Bones that protect the brain