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Biome Crossword

Toucans, boas, and bananas can be found in this biome.
Zebras, giraffes, and baobab trees are found in this hot biome.
This biome has sharks, jellyfish, and kelp.
In this forest biome, animals like deer and porcupines live among the maple and oak trees.
In this mountainous biome, animals like alpacas and yaks munch on beargrass.
This biome has cattails, beavers and sunfish.
Armadillos and cacti can be found in this hot, dry biome.
In this temperate biome, you can find bison, prairie dogs, and needlegrass.
This biome is very cold, and is home to penguins and polar bears.
Pine trees, bears, and wolves are found in this northern biome.